Hello from Friends of Yimbo

Friends of Yimbo (FOY) is a non-profit organization that works with the people of Yimbo village in western Kenya. Founded by Ben and Charles Odipo, FOY is a collective effort of friends arCaption_Davidound the world.

These friends have a strong desire to help the people of Yimbo, and believe that by changing one life at a time FOY will and can empower an entire community to achieve a better life.

FOY continues to mobilize networks of compassionate individuals who are interested in humanitarian work, cultural exchange and travel expeditions.


Friends of Yimbo's goal is to improve the lives of the people of Yimbo through practices of self-sufficiency.

The organization focus areas are:

(i) Clean Safe Drinking water
(ii) Education
(iii) Micro-enterprising for women and Youth vocational training
(iv) Community Health
(v) Proper Nutrition for Children

Photo Gallery:

water students students micro-enterprise