Friends of Yimbo's Programs

FOY believes in educating and empowering local populations in order to achieve long-term positive change. This ensures that local communities are able to address their concerns in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Our current focus is on the following:

clean waterClean Drinking Water and Sanitation

Ensuring a supply of clean water for human consumption as well as agricultural purposes. FOY is currently accepting donations for the water project which wil go toward sinking of wells and purchasing of water tanks.

FOY works for Yimbo's community healthcare and wellness through training & support of community health workers, upgrading of the current community clinic, HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention workshops and construction of toilets for proper sanitation.

healthCommunity Health

The community health project will serve a population of 3000 people. The nearest health clinic to Muguna is 20 miles and the 150-bed district hospital is 30 miles. FOY’s goal is to educate and provide the community with basic healthcare.

education Education for the Youth and Women

FOY completed the construction of the newly funded library in July 2009. This construction provides Muguna Primary School with a library, teacher staff room and headmaster's office.

The library still requires additional books, shelves and chairs. The school is also in dire need of paint, windows and student desks and on the other hand the students need some decent school uniforms at $10 per student. FOY remains focused in making education a priority, hence ensuring a brighter future for the village's next generation.


women enterpriseMicro-enterprising for women

FOY is accepting donations to go towards seed funding for the village micro-enterprises run by women organizations. The individual credit is based on the Grameen Bank model.


student toilet Adequate School facilities

The over 400 students at Muguna Primary share 8 classrooms. Meaning some have to attend classes under trees. The students also share 5 out-houses for toilets.

FOY is fund raising to build 5 toilets and additional 2 classrooms to ease the over-crowding.


nutrition Proper Nutrition

Some of FOY's funds toward education are shared to enhance the school lunch program to ensure the students receive at least one full meal in day. For most of them, that is the only meal they might eat.