Clean Drinking Water

clean waterWater is indispensable for human health. Water is also crucial for sustainable development, including the preservation of our natural environment and the alleviation of poverty and hunger. Clean water is especially crucial for a rural community like Yimbo that relies on small subsistence agriculture and fishing. We believe education and health are interconnected. The school and the village generally lack clean water which results in poor sanitation and environmental health. The closest water supply is approximately 3 miles away. The school has two latrines without running water.

June 23rd 2012 - Yimbo Gets Clean Safe Water

Before After
dirty-water clean-water
Travlers watch a student go through his daily routine The village water committee pump the first water out of the well
ditywaterjamila clean-water
Jamila helps a student draw water from the pond Ben and Charles stand by the well soon after the clean water erupts!
dirtywater_group clean-water
The Muguna kids lead the group to the pond The village and the volunteers celebrate
dirty-water-nancy water_tree
Nancy particpates in the village routine of fetching water A tree was planted to commemorate the occassion