About Us

Joseph W. Odipo was one of twenty-five children born in North Yimbo, Muguna Village. Joseph taught himself how to read and write. He later became a rail road traffic manager with the East African Railway Corporation. He however, always had his village close and near to his heart. He believed so much in education that he helped pay school fees for many families in Yimbo to get their children through school.joseph

He was instrumental in the founding of Muguna School, the first primary school in the

region. He was tired of watching so many local children, some as young as fsix years old walk 3 miles to the nearest school. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1992 before realizing his dream of a fully operational local primary school that would provide an opportunity for poverty stricken children (mostly orphans) to go to high school. In all, Joseph conceived of the many projects that exist today in Yimbo.

Charles and Ben, two of Joseph's seven children, founded Friends of Yimbo (FOY) in California to further the dreams of their late father.

FOY believes in educating and empowering local populations in order to achieve long-term positive change. This ensures that local village communities are able to address their needs in a comprehensive and sustainable way. It is the goal of FOY that this serves as a model for community development for adjoining villages. As a practice, FOY jointly conducts a participatory needs assessment with the village development committee and local leaders before the commencement of any project.

Sustainability is key to ALL FOY project areas!